2011 PCIA Forum Proceedings

Proceedings from the 5th Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum

351 Partners from 40 countries gathered at the 5th Biennial Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum in Lima, Peru, February 21-26, 2011 for five days of dynamic workshops, technical presentations and case studies from successful programs around the world. As has been the case with each Forum, this Forum grew substantially from previous years, making it the largest gathering of household energy and health practitioners, leaders and experts focused on clean and efficient cooking technologies and fuels to date.

If you attended the PCIA Forum, and did not receive a certificate of attendance but would like to, please email us at moderator@pciaonline.org.

See how PCIA has grown over the years in our PCIA photo montage presented to Partners at the Forum. Please also check out PCIA Bulletin #27 which focuses on the Forum.

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Presentations marked with an asterisk * are in Spanish.

TitlePresenterPartner ProfileDownloadDay
CAPTURING COMMITMENTS FOR RESULTSBrenda DoroskiUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Friday_Capturing_Commitments_Doroski.pdfFriday
OPEN SPACE SESSIONSBrenda DoroskiUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Friday_OpenSpace_Framing_Doroski.pdfFriday
1. Criteria and Factors for Sustainable Cookstove MarketsVerena BrinkmannDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ); HERA - poverty-oriented basic energy servicesFriday_OpenSpace_Brinkmann.pdfFriday
OPENING SESSIONBrenda DoroskiUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Saturday_Opening_Doroski.pdfSaturday
UNDERSTANDING THE CARBON MARKETBrenda DoroskiUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Saturday_Understanding_CarbonMarket_Framing_Doroski.pdfSaturday
1. Carbon Finance for Improved CookstovesMatt EvansImpact CarbonSaturday_Understanding_Carbon_Market_Evans.pdfSaturday
2. 100 million clean stoves by 2020 = $2.5 billion in carbon financeEvan HaiglerImpact CarbonSaturday_Understanding_Carbon_Market_Haigler.pdfSaturday
1. PoA AFTER Cancun - Ready to Take Off NowMassamba ThioyeSaturday_CDM_GS_VMP_Thioye.pdfSaturday
2. Introduction to the Gold StandardIvan HernandezThe Gold Standard FoundationSaturday_CDM_GS_VMP_Hernandez.pdfSaturday
1. Programme of Activities – Fuel SwitchLuis Alberto De La Torre VivarSaturday_Case_Studies_Vivar.pdfSaturday
2. Mali case study: using carbon finance to promote improved cooking technologyErik WursterE+CoSaturday_Case_Studies_Wurster.pdfSaturday
3. From Carbon to Carbon Experiences of GERES CambodiaYohanes Iwan BaskoroGERES CambodiaSaturday_Case_Studies_Baskoro.pdfSaturday
4. Program of Activities for Human DevelopmentArthur LaurentMicrosolSaturday_Case_Studies_Laurent.pdfSaturday
1. Getting Started - Carbon Markets to Fight PovertyMatt EvansImpact CarbonSaturday_Carbon_Finance_Panel_Evans.pdfSaturday
2. Getting Started - myclimate, The Climate Protection PartnershipPaloma SarriamyclimateSaturday_Carbon_Finance_Panel_Sarria.pdfSaturday
3. Intermediate - Understanding Carbon Finance for Cookstoves: an industry overviewErik Wurster, Ivan Hernandez, Iwan Baskoro, Jonathan RouseSaturday_Carbon_Finance_Panel_Wurster.pdfSaturday