2011 PCIA Forum Proceedings

Proceedings from the 5th Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum

351 Partners from 40 countries gathered at the 5th Biennial Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum in Lima, Peru, February 21-26, 2011 for five days of dynamic workshops, technical presentations and case studies from successful programs around the world. As has been the case with each Forum, this Forum grew substantially from previous years, making it the largest gathering of household energy and health practitioners, leaders and experts focused on clean and efficient cooking technologies and fuels to date.

If you attended the PCIA Forum, and did not receive a certificate of attendance but would like to, please email us at moderator@pciaonline.org.

See how PCIA has grown over the years in our PCIA photo montage presented to Partners at the Forum. Please also check out PCIA Bulletin #27 which focuses on the Forum.

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Presentations marked with an asterisk * are in Spanish.

TitlePresenterPartner ProfileDownloadDay
2. Paradigm KenyaJohanna MatochaThe Paradigm Project, L3CFriday_Manufacturing_Approaches_Matocha.pdfFriday
3. Closing the Circle: From Success in the Field, Sustainable Fincancing*Elder MendozaProyecto MiradorFriday_Manufacturing_Approaches_Mendoza.pdfFriday
INSTITUTIONAL STOVESJohn MitchellUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Friday_Institutional_Framing_Mitchell.pdfFriday
1. ONIL Institutional StovesRichard GrinnellHELPS InternationalFriday_Institutional_Grinnell.pdfFriday
2. Institutional Stove DesignPeter ScottBurn Design LabFriday_Institutional_Scott.pdfFriday
IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF COMMERCIALIZATIONBrenda DoroskiUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Friday_Commercialization_Framing_Doroski.pdfFriday
1. Commercialization of Toyola Improved Cook Stoves in GhanaSuraj WahabTOYOLA ENERGY LIMITEDFriday_Commercialization_Wahab.pdfFriday
2. Reaching Households with ICS in KenyaAnna Ingwe-MusunguGIZ PSDAFriday_Commercialization_Ingwe.pdfFriday
3. Micro financing of Smoke Alleviating Technologies in NepalSuman DhakalWinrock International NepalFriday_Commercialization_Dhakal.pdfFriday
4. The Development and Strategy of Biomass Stove Scaling-up in ChinaGuangqing LiuChina Association of Rural Energy Industry (CAREI)Friday_Commercialization_Liu.pdfFriday
GLOBAL ACTION PLANNINGBrenda DoroskiUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Friday_Global_Action_Planning_Doroski.pdfFriday
DEVELOPMENT OF STOVE PERFORMANCE STANDARDSJohn MitchellUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Friday_Stove_Standards_Mitchell.pdfFriday
USING RESEARCH TO DEVELOP COMPELLING HEALTH MESSAGESBrenda DoroskiUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Friday_Using_Research_Health_Framing_Doroski.pdfFriday
1. RESPIRE-GUATEMALA Randomized Exposure Study of Pollution Indoors and Respiratory EffectsLisa ThompsonUniversity of California, San FranciscoFriday_Using_Research_Health_Thompson.pdfFriday
2. Insights Gained from the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) SectorJay GrahamUnited States Agency for International Development (USAID)Friday_Using_Research_Health_Graham.pdfFriday
3. Research in the development of compelling health messagesNigel BruceWorld Health OrganizationFriday
4. A Pilot Project Introducing Clean Burning Stoves in Rural Western KenyaMichelle BashinFriday_Using_Research_Health_Bashin.pdfFriday
MONITORING & EVALUATING THE IMPACT OF YOUR INTERVENTION(S)Brenda DoroskiUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Friday_ ME_Evaluate_Impacts_Framing_Doroski.pdfFriday
1. Carbon-financed Cookstove Program in BrazilRenata Everett ValladaresPerene InstituteFriday_ME_Evaluate_Impacts_Valladares.pdfFriday
2. Rings of Fire: Assessing the Use of the ONIL Stove in GuatemalaNaima von Ritter FigueresHELPS InternationalFriday_ME_Evaluate_Impacts_Figueres.pdfFriday