2011 PCIA Forum Proceedings

Proceedings from the 5th Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum

351 Partners from 40 countries gathered at the 5th Biennial Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum in Lima, Peru, February 21-26, 2011 for five days of dynamic workshops, technical presentations and case studies from successful programs around the world. As has been the case with each Forum, this Forum grew substantially from previous years, making it the largest gathering of household energy and health practitioners, leaders and experts focused on clean and efficient cooking technologies and fuels to date.

If you attended the PCIA Forum, and did not receive a certificate of attendance but would like to, please email us at moderator@pciaonline.org.

See how PCIA has grown over the years in our PCIA photo montage presented to Partners at the Forum. Please also check out PCIA Bulletin #27 which focuses on the Forum.

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Presentations marked with an asterisk * are in Spanish.

TitlePresenterPartner ProfileDownloadDay
4. Lab WBT Ability to Predict Field CCT in RwandaSam BentsonAprovecho Research CenterWednesday_Knowing_How_Stove_Perf_Bentson.pdfWednesday
5. Kitchen Performance Test Training and Implementation in Three CountriesMichael JohnsonBerkeley Air Monitoring GroupWednesday_Knowing_How_Stove_Perf_Johnson.pdfWednesday
6. Emission measurements from in-use cookstoves in four locationsYanju ChenUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignWednesday_Knowing_How_Stove_Perf_Chen.pdfWednesday
STOVE PERFORMANCE DEMONSTRATIONS - KPTMichael JohnsonBerkeley Air Monitoring GroupWednesday_KPT_Workshop_Training_Johnson.pdfWednesday
EXPERIENCE FROM STOVE TESTING CENTERS: Mentoring SessionJohn MitchellUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Wednesday_Experience_Testing_Centers_Framing_Mitchell.pdfWednesday
Outcome of Public Comments on the WBTTami BondUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignWednesday_Outcome_WBT_Comments_Bond.pdfWednesday
ADVANCES IN STOVE PERFORMANCE AND FUEL PREPARATIONBrenda DoroskiUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Wednesday_Advances_Stove_Perf_Framing_Doroski.pdfWednesday
1. Influence of Fuel Conditions on Stove PerformanceChristian L'OrangeColorado State University Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory (EECL)Wednesday_Advances in Stove Perf_LOrange.pdfWednesday
2. Of Clean Cookstoves, Charcoal, and Biomass FuelsJean Kim ChaixThe Charcoal ProjectWednesday_Advances_Stove_Perf_Chaix.pdfWednesday
3. Cooking without smoke? Micro-gasification, Cooking with gas from dry biomassChrista RothFoodandFuel ConsultantsWednesday_Advances_Stove_Perf_Roth.pdfWednesday
4. A Review of Biomass Gasifier Technologies for Home Cooking ApplicationsMorgan DeFoortColorado State University Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory (EECL)Wednesday_Advances_Stove_Perf_DeFoort.pdfWednesday
5. Practical Realities of TLUD Micro-Gasifier CookstovesPaul AndersonBiomass Energy Foundation (BEF)Wednesday_Advances_Stove_Perf_Anderson.pdfWednesday
6. Biolite StovesClay BurnsBioLite StoveWednesday_Advances_Stove_Perf_Burns.pdfWednesday
7. Empowering Community through Sustainable TechnologiesSanu Kaji ShresthaFoundation for Sustainable Technologies (FoST)Wednesday_Advances_Stove_Perf_Shrestha.pdfWednesday
OPEN SPACE SESSIONSBrenda DoroskiUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Wednesday_Open_Space_Framing_Doroski.pdfWednesday
1. Bridging the Gap Between the Field and Laboratory Through Performance MappingJason PrapasColorado State University Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory (EECL)Wednesday_Open_Space_1_Prapas_CSU.pdfWednesday
OPENING SESSIONBrenda DoroskiUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Friday_Opening_Doroski.pdfFriday
MANUFACTURING APPROACHES TO ENHANCE STOVE PERFORMANCEBrenda DoroskiUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Friday_Manufacturing_Approaches_Framing_Doroski.pdfFriday
1. Establishing Sustainable Stove FactoriesNancy HughesStoveTeam InternationalFriday_Manufacturing_Approaches_Hughes.pdfFriday