Health You Initiative (HYI)


Empowering individuals, communities and institutions for sustainable development through knowledge skill and experience sharing.

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Contact Information

Primary Contact
Mr. Erima Ekimia Harry
Secondary Contact
Mr. Erima Ekimia Harry
Address c/o Ovua Shem P.O.Box 433
Kampala, Arua District-West Nile Region

Phone +256775086456
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Our Focus

Primary Initiatives, Target Populations, and Scope of Work:

This initiative is at advanced levels of consultation and will start in 4 months time. The countries of target include but not limited to Uganda, Sourthen Sudan and DRC. The primary target is the rural, peri-urban and urban slums dwellers focusing on women, youth and later men. The initiative envisages engagement from community to national and regional scales upon continous commitment, capacity growth, research and relevance (good will) of the beneficiries.

Fuels/Technologies: Biomass
Liquid Petroleum Gas
Wood fuel
Sectors of Experience: Behavior Change
Small Business
Community mobilization, reseach, advocacy
Countries of Operation: India

Our Experience And Interest In The Four PCIA Central Focus Areas

Social/Cultural barriers to using traditional fuels and stoves:

My interest of activism is propelled by identified entrenched socio-cultural and political barriers that are by far major cause to programme failures and as result underdevelopment. Examples of such barriers include indecision of women (women not making decisions), men’s indifference, unchallenged and exclusive decision-making cultures. Women who use and have better knowledge and experience of traditional fuels and stove have always not been supported in the mainstream planning. To address these barriers, we suggest that participatory and non-pedagogical and integrated learning approaches be used. This will ensure empowerment and sustainability for the people and the partnership.

Market development for improved cooking technologies:

Sustainable markets are a result of informed choices. A choice is informed when the consumer (population) is open to change hence knowledge and innovation are key. Technology improvement, modification and adaption will continue to creat and expand market.

Technology standardization for cooking, heating and ventilation:

This I think needs more time especially in the rural communities where housing stardards are difficult to enforce. In the urban, peri-urban and slums standardization for cooking and ventilation can come sooner after rigourus education and stakeholders consultation.

Indoor air pollution exposure and health monitoring:

I suggest that a concrete infomation base be established through baseline survey on indoor air pollution and health, establish information management system and indicators.

Relevant Publications or Studies

None noted

Our Contribution to the Partnership

I would like to participate by continuous identification of needs of the communities (research), sharing such experiences, documentation and article contribution. At policy and governance levels I would advocate and lobby at fora in public domain.