Solar Household Energy, Inc.'s Annual Report is Now Available

The FY 2011 Annual Report for Solar Household Energy, Inc. is now available. It provides a summary of some of Solar Household Energy's accomplishments during the year ending May 31, 2011.

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SHE continues to be actively engaged in promoting solar cooking and helping to get it into the hands of those who can benefit from it most. Below is an update on some of the activities introduced in the Annual Report. Louise Meyer, our director of training and field operations, recently returned from a trip to Tilori, a small community in Haiti on the border with the Dominican Republic. As part of a reforestation project of The Nature Conservancy, Solar Household Energy organized and directed the introduction of Global Sun Ovens and Stovetec fuel efficient stoves for 25 Haitian women from Tilori, and five Dominican women who live nearby and trained them in the use. Combining both the solar ovens and the fuel-efficient wood stoves enables healthy cooking practices in all weather conditions and times of day. "It was a surprise to find a great variety of goods being cooked, far more than had been prepared during the training program that preceded this phase," Louise reports. "Judging from the home visits, the Haitian women felt comfortable using their solar ovens, a totally new cooking technology for them," she adds. We look forward to expanding this project to include more families in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

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