PCIA Partners honored by the Ashden Awards

Three PCIA Partners were honored recently at the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy VIP ceremony in London on June 16, 2011.

Toyola Energy Ltd. from Ghana is the winner of the coveted Ashden Awards Gold Award, selected for its success in making over 150,000 efficient charcoal stoves accessible to low-income families.

The Aga Khan Planning and Building Service, Pakistan (AKPBS, P) was selected for an International Award for helping families in remote mountain villages save energy and enjoy warmer and more comfortable homes by installing a range of energy-efficient products.

Ugastove Ltd. Uganda was awarded a runner-up prize for making fuel-efficient charcoal and wood stoves for homes, schools and businesses, which sell for as little as US$7 and for making the stoves accessible to the poor.

For more information, please visit the Ashden Awards website at http://www.ashdenawards.org/