Nexus is now an independent organisation

GERES and Nexus are proud to announce that Nexus is now turning from a special project into a legally and financially independent organisation.

Nexus was first envisioned by the non profit organisation GERES. After the success of the New Lao Stove, the first improved cook stove project registered by a development NGO on the voluntary carbon market, GERES received numerous requests for partnerships. In 2006-2007, with a grant from the World Bank and the collaboration of ARECOP (Asia Regional Cookstoves Program), GERES conducted consultations with NGOs from 7 countries. It resulted in the creation of a “cooperative structure” to better serve the interests of pro-poor project developers. Nexus was launched by 8 NGOs from 7 different countries in April 2008. It is now incorporated in Singapore as a nonprofit organization.

With the support of the French Global Environment Fund (FGEF) since November 2010, Nexus has now all the means to achieve its objective over the next 4 years to mass disseminate pro-poor low carbon technologies via the carbon finance market. For this, Nexus will build capacity among its members, provide technical assistance, raise ethical funds, and advocate for a fairer carbon market.

GERES continues to be highly involved on climate related challenges through its Climate Change Unit. Beyond advocating for better consideration of development project in Carbon markets, GERES is now pushing new boundaries such as innovative approaches of adaptation to Climate Change for territories. Given that Nexus was induced by GERES, there is a common history that will keep on linking the two structures together.

Strongly bonded by common values of transparency, ethics, and solidarity in the carbon markets, both structures have planned to keep on working together on specific programs such as:
- Technical Assistance to Nexus members to ease their access to carbon market
- Centre of expertise on carbon for pro poor projects
- Innovation fund to encourage research and development
- Ethicarbone project in West Africa.

So, even though Nexus is today an independent and autonomous organization, GERES will remain a strong member and partner.

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