Davao Region Coconut Industry Cluster, Inc.


The mission of Davao Region Coconut Industry Cluster, Inc. is to strengthen collaboration among stakeholders to develop and promote quality coconut-based products and promote the adoption of appropriate, sustainable, and production–enhancing technologies.

Organization Type Non-Governmental Organization

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Ms. Rosella Villaruel
Secondary Contact
Mr. Jesus F. Villaruel

Address Door 1 PCA Complex,
Bago Oshiro
Davao City, Davao del Sur
Phone 63-082-2930049
Fax 63-082-2930049
Calling/Fax Instructions

Our Focus

Primary Initiatives, Target Populations, and Scope of Work:

Davao Region Coconut Industry Cluster, Inc. intends to process wasted coconut water, husks, coir pith, and acid oils into biogas and other renewable energies both for household and commercial use.

Fuels/Technologies: Biogas
Sectors of Experience: Agriculture
Rural Development
Small Business
Development of brick charcoal kilns
Countries of Operation:

Our Experience And Interest In The Four PCIA Central Focus Areas

Social/Cultural barriers to using traditional fuels and stoves:

We have previously only worked in one region and now want to expand to neighboring regions were our member-processors source their raw coconut materials.

Market development for improved cooking technologies:

We are promoting our coconut based engine oil, coconut methyl ester, charcoal briquettes, and biogas from acid oil for local use.

Technology standardization for cooking, heating and ventilation:

We want to upgrade our household cookstoves by implementing the gasifier stove.

Indoor air pollution exposure and health monitoring:

We are still in the process of developing better cookstoves to utilize our vast coir pith and husks and other coconut farm wastes.

Relevant Publications or Studies

We can prepare / publish extension manuals.

Our Contribution to the Partnership

Information sharing. Education of rural women/households.