PCIA Bulletin

PCIA Bulletin

Please note, the PCIA website is now a legacy site. The resources that were produced over the past 10 years of the Partnership are still accessible on this website. However, the content is no longer being updated as of June 1, 2012.

This quarterly newsletter provides updates on the activities of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air and its Partners around the world, and facilitates awareness about issues related to indoor air pollution, household energy and health. The Bulletin is published in PDF format. If needed, you can download the current version of Adobe Acrobat reader free from Adobe's website.

PCIA Bulletin Issue 22 - Solar Cooking

This issue provides an overview of the history and current status of solar cooking, highlights successful projects worldwide, and includes an informed discussion of myths and facts about cooking with the sun. Recipes and solar cooking tips are incorporated throughout. PCIA Partners enthusiastically led the development of this issue, with significant contributions from Patricia McArdle, President of the Board of Directors for Solar Household Energy (SHE), and Darwin Curtis, Chairman of SHE.

Feature Articles
   -The History of Solar Cooking
   -Opening the World's Eyes and Ears to Integrated Solar Cooking
   -Options & Challenges Using Solar Cookers
   -Safe Water from Sunshine
   -Solar Commercialization
   -Solar Cooking Archive Wiki
Country Spotlights
   -Sustainable Rural Kitchen in Mexico
   -ISC and Water Pasteurization in Uganda
   -Mfuwe Solar Cooker Project
   -Solar Cooking in Madegascar
   -Darfur Refugees Cooking with the Sun
   -Solar Cookers in China
   -Solar Cooking in Afghanistan 
Notes From the Field
   -Solar Cooking in Nepal
   -Conclusions from Bolivia
   -Recent Partner Activity
   -Upcoming Events and Announcements
Solar Cooking Map
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 21 - Stove Testing Protocols, Facilities and Standards Development

This issue of the Bulletin covers the topic of Stove Testing Protocols, Facilities and Standards Development. It provides an overview of the history and current status of stove performance testing protocols, highlights regional stove testing facilities, and addresses international efforts in standards development.

Feature Articles:
   -Path to International Stove Performance Standards
   -U.S. EPA Stove Testing
Partner Spotlights
   -Stove Testing Center in Bolivia
   -Improved Stove Certification Center at Zamorano University, Honduras
   -Certification Lab in Peru
Overview of International Protocols and Standards
   -Toward International Consensus
   -National Standards in Nepal
   -Taking Stock of Standards
Global and Organizational Strategies
Progress Since the 2009 Forum
   -Recent Partner Activity
   -Upcoming Events and Announcements
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 20 - Household Energy Health Impacts

Health impacts associated with exposure to indoor air pollution include acute respiratory infections (ARI), including pneumonia; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); lung cancer (for users of open coal stoves); cataracts; tuberculosis; asthma; and adverse pregnancy outcomes (stillbirth, low birthweight). Because of these and other serious health impacts associated with household energy use, and the interest in this topic generated at the 4th Biennial Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum held in Kampala, Uganda in March 2009, this issue of the Bulletin focuses on highlighting recent research findings on some of these serious health impacts.

Household Energy Health Impacts
Feature Articles:
  -IAP and Cardiovascular Impacts
  -Biomass and HIV
  -IAP and Children’s Health
  -IAP and Lung Function Testing
  -CO Emissions and Stove Testing
  -IAP and Visual Impairment
  -Biomass and Burns and Falls
  -ARI Reduction in Pakistan
  -Health Impact Tracking in India
What’s New
Fact Box
Health Impacts QUIZ!
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 19 - 2009 PCIA Forum

Some 262 Partners from 35 countries gathered at the 4th Biennial Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum in Kampala, Uganda March 23 – 29, 2009 to document results to date, learn from effective programs & activities – celebrate results, review, further develop and affirm strategies for success and commit to organizational and global actions aimed at bold future goals. Bulletin 19 highlights our PCIA Global Community in Action.

2009 PCIA Forum Overview
Daily Forum Highlights
2009 Forum Awards:
  -Global Leadership Awards
  -Special Achievement Awards
  -Lifetime Achievement Award
  -Net Forward Energy Awards
Group Photo!
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 18 - Partner Progress since the 2007 PCIA Forum

As a community, we have made amazing progress in reducing exposure to indoor air pollution (IAP) from traditional cooking and heating practices and improving the health, livelihood, and quality of life for millions living in the developing world. The 18th issue of the PCIA Bulletin is focused on Partners' progress since the 2007 Forum in Bangalore.

Are you ready for the Forum?
Test your knowledge!
Hear from Past Award Winners
  − EnterpriseWorks/VITA
  − Solar Cookers International
  − Food and Fuel Consultants
  − Practical Action
  − Asia Regional Cookstove Program
  - Appropriate Rural TechnologyInstitute
  − Alternative Energy Promotion Center
  − GERES Cambodia
  − GTZ-SUN Energy
  − Project Gaia
  − Center for Entrepreneurship in International Health and Development
  − Ugastove
  − Aprovecho Research Center
  − BP, Emerging Consumer Markets Division
Answers to the quiz
Upcoming events
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