PCIA Bulletin

PCIA Bulletin

Please note, the PCIA website is now a legacy site. The resources that were produced over the past 10 years of the Partnership are still accessible on this website. However, the content is no longer being updated as of June 1, 2012.

This quarterly newsletter provides updates on the activities of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air and its Partners around the world, and facilitates awareness about issues related to indoor air pollution, household energy and health. The Bulletin is published in PDF format. If needed, you can download the current version of Adobe Acrobat reader free from Adobe's website.

PCIA Bulletin Issue 27 - 2011 PCIA Forum

This issue of the PCIA Bulletin covers all the events of the 2011 PCIA Forum held in Lima, Peru February 21-26, 2011. With more than 350 participants from 40 countries, this was our largest Forum to date. The Forum lasted six full days, including a kickoff event showcasing the engagement of the highest levels of the Peruvian government, 65 outstanding presenters, more than 80 informative posters, 31 participant-led open space sessions and a half of day of stove testing.

Below you will also find our special 2011 PCIA Awards Supplement, where you can read interviews with this year's winners. We again offer congratulations to the recipients of the 2011 Global Leadership and Special Achievement Awards.

Monday: Peruvian National Cookstove Day
    - Opening Welcome
    - Exciting New Developments & New Evidence for Action
    - Powerful Results of National Cookstove Programs
    - Responding to Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti
    - Meeting Community Needs
    - Poster Session
    - Exploring Clean Cooking Solutions: LPG, Solar and Biogas
    - Knowing How Your Stove Performs: WBT, CCT and KPT Basics
    - Concurrent Stove Performance Demonstrations
    - Advances in Stove Performance & Fuel Preparation
    - Open Space
Thursday: Field Trips
    - Manufacturing Approaches to Enhance Stove Performance
    - Institutional Stoves
    - Important Aspects of Commercialization
    - Global Action Planning
    - Development of Stove Performance Standards
    - Using Research to Develop Compelling Health Messages
    - Monitoring & Evaluating the Impact or Your Interventions
    - Sharing 2010 Results
    - Understanding the Carbon Market
    - Regional Sessions
    - 2011 Forum Wrap-up
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 26 - Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

This issue focuses on the use of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a clean, transportable cooking fuel alternative. PCIA Partners from Latin America, Africa and Asia have successfully implemented programs encouraging LPG use, even in remote communities where other types of clean fuel are not readily accessible. In Bulletin 26 these organizations share their project implementation experiences and discuss cultural adoption sensitivities, as well as affordability obstacles, they encountered during the process.

The issue also includes worldwide LPG demand predictions, an overview of the LPG distribution chain, safety issues and regulations, an extensive list of LPG resources and much more. Check out this issue of the Bulletin to determine if LPG would be a good fit for the communities in which you work.

Project NINA
LPG: a Prospective Solution for Poverty and Deforestation in Haiti
Rural LPG in Colombia: an Alternative Fuel with Multiple Benefits
LPG: Safety Issues and Responsibilities
Social Engineering Through Energy Conversion
Chart: LPG Supply by Million Tonnes
Chart: Relative Pollutant Levels
Seeking Clear Objectives with Liquefied Petroleum Gas in South Africa
LPG: an Alternative Domestic Cooking Energy in Uganda
Additional LPG Resources
LPG Distribution Chain
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 25 - 5th Biennial PCIA Forum

This issue (in English and Spanish) is dedicated to the upcoming 5th Biennial PCIA Forum, to be held in Lima, Peru from February 21 - 26, 2011. Some 262 Partners from 35 countries gathered for the 4th Biennial Forum (2009) in Kampala, Uganda and we expect an even larger turnout for the 2011 event! You don't want to miss out on this extraordinary networking and learning opportunity. There are two versions, one print and one web.

2011 PCIA Forum Overview
What is the Forum?
Peru’s National Stove Campaign
Who comes to the Forum?
What happens at the Forum?
What will I get out of the Forum?
What can I contribute to the Forum?
Logistics Highlights
Frequently Asked Questions
Spotlight on the PCIA Awards Program
Upcoming Events
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 24 - 2009 Partner Results

This issue focuses on the collective results of Partners' efforts in 2009, recorded through their annual results reports. So far 54 Partners working in 61 countries have submitted reports on their 2009 activities. This issue highlights their progress manufacturing, selling, and testing stoves, accessing carbon finance, scaling operations, and much more.

Feature Articles
   -StoveTec at Scale
   -SNV's National Biogas Programmes
   -SCA Promoting Integrated Cooking
   -TWP Supporting Haiti Relief
   -Aprovecho: Stove Design & Testing
   -Berkeley Air: Science Based M&E
Partner Profile Update Campaign
   -KPT Training Update
   -Conducting the WBT and CCT
   -EPA's Second Round of Stove Testing
   -A New Global Alliance
   -Stove Camp 2010
Map: Countries of Implementation
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 23 - Carbon Finance

This issue focuses on carbon finance and its potential to help grow and support sustainable household energy programs. Look inside for detailed information on carbon project implementers and developers, tools and resources, and advocacy and capacity building efforts to increase the number of registered cook stove projects in the CDM, Gold Standard and voluntary carbon markets. Feature articles from Partners engaged in all aspects of cookstove carbon finance are included.


  • Page 19 of the first published version of this issue incorrectly stated that SADC stands for "South African Development Community". It has been corrected to read "Southern African Development Community" in the version attached below.
  • Page 15 of the first published version omitted the last line of the article "Carbon Finance: A Paradigm Shift for Improved Stoves". This is corrected in the version attached below.
Feature Articles
   -Carbon Finance Introduction
   -Experiences of Carbon Finance Implementers and Developers
   -Carbon Finance Tools
   -Carbon Finance Resources and Trainings
   -Carbon Finance Policy Considerations and Implications
Profiles of Project Developers
Notes from the Field
   -Clean Burning, Fuel-Efficient Stoves in Rural Honduras
   -Nexus Alliance
   -HELPS Programmatic CDM
   -Recent Partner Activity
   -Upcoming Events and Announcements
Fact Box: Cookstove Carbon Finance Projects
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