PCIA Bulletin Issue 30 - Regional Cookstove Testing Centers

This milestone 30th issue focuses on Regional Cookstove Testing Centers in North America, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Ten PCIA Partners who run these testing centers share their thousands of hours of testing expertise, including details about their lab, types of stoves tested, protocols used, lessons learned and what they have planned for 2012! Throughout this issue you’ll also find links to testing resources available on the PCIA website and exciting new field testing opportunities for PCIA Partners.

Feature Articles - Regional Stove Testing Centers
    Aprovecho Research Center
    Colorado State University
    GERES Cambodia
    China Agricultural University
    GIZ Bolivia
    Zamorano University
Spotlight on Durability Testing
USEPA 3rd Round of Stove Testing
Global Alliance Commitment to Testing
Recent Partner Activity
Upcoming Events and Announcements
Fact box on Stove Testing Statistics
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