PCIA Bulletin Issue 28 - Biogas

This 28th issue of the PCIA Bulletin focuses on biogas, a fuel that is now widely promoted and used to decrease fuel wood use and improve indoor air quality for families around the world. In this Bulletin you’ll hear from programs with decades of experience promoting biogas stoves and fuel in Africa, Asia and Latin America at the household, community, national and regional levels. This Bulletin gives an overview of biogas basics and its added benefits, and provides strategies for partnership-building, education/training, and innovative solutions to financing.

Feature Articles:
Household Level Biogas
     - Biodigesters in Southwest China 
     - Mexico Biogas Program
Biogas for Institutional Users
     - Biogas for Ugandan Orphanage 
     - Commercial Plants in Pakistan Dairy Farms
National and Regional Approaches
     - Domestic Biogas Programs in Africa & Asia 
     - RedBioLAC in Latin America 
     - Energy for All Biogas Working Group in Asia
Recent Partner Activity
Upcoming Events and Announcements
Biogas Fact Box
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