PCIA Bulletin - 2010 Results Reporting Supplement

Each year we ask all PCIA Partners to submit results reports highlighting their activities throughout the previous year. This includes information about the countries in which Partners operate, their stove testing activities, the number and types of stoves sold, training and outreach efforts, financing options utilized to increase affordability to consumers, goals for the coming year and more. This special edition of the PCIA Bulletin highlights the results of PCIA Partners in 2010.

Introduction: The 2010 Results Story
    2010 Partner Results Highlights
    PCIA Experiences Phenomenal Growth
    Stove Testing Continues to Rise
    Importance of Stove Testing for Increased Sales
    Stove Standards as a Driving Force for Sales
    Innovative Approaches to Overcoming Barriers
    Multidimensional Outreach Increases Community Awareness and Improved Stove Acceptance
    Expanded Focus on End User Financing Options
    PCIA Partners Who Provide Services Other than Manufacturing/Selling Stoves
2011 Results Reporting
PCIA and Global Alliance Integration Update
Looking Towards the Future
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