PCIA Bulletin

PCIA Bulletin

Please note, the PCIA website is now a legacy site. The resources that were produced over the past 10 years of the Partnership are still accessible on this website. However, the content is no longer being updated as of June 1, 2012.

This quarterly newsletter provides updates on the activities of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air and its Partners around the world, and facilitates awareness about issues related to indoor air pollution, household energy and health. The Bulletin is published in PDF format. If needed, you can download the current version of Adobe Acrobat reader free from Adobe's website.

PCIA Bulletin Issue 30 - Regional Cookstove Testing Centers

This milestone 30th issue focuses on Regional Cookstove Testing Centers in North America, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Ten PCIA Partners who run these testing centers share their thousands of hours of testing expertise, including details about their lab, types of stoves tested, protocols used, lessons learned and what they have planned for 2012! Throughout this issue you’ll also find links to testing resources available on the PCIA website and exciting new field testing opportunities for PCIA Partners.

Feature Articles - Regional Stove Testing Centers
    Aprovecho Research Center
    Colorado State University
    GERES Cambodia
    China Agricultural University
    GIZ Bolivia
    Zamorano University
Spotlight on Durability Testing
USEPA 3rd Round of Stove Testing
Global Alliance Commitment to Testing
Recent Partner Activity
Upcoming Events and Announcements
Fact box on Stove Testing Statistics
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PCIA Bulletin - Special Edition, LA/C Regional Study Tour

The Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA) recently sponsored an exciting new technical capacity-building initiative for 18 Partner organizations, based in 9 countries, serving Latin America and the Caribbean. During a 3-day study tour in Guatemala, February 6 - 8, 2012, these organizations experienced firsthand how HELPS International has developed successful manufacturing, distribution and marketing approaches to scale up their improved cook stove program. This special edition Bulletin provides highlights from the three days of factory and community visits, and in-depth discussions that took place.

About HELPS International
About the Tour
  Day 1 -- Quality Manufacturing and Production
  Day 2 -- Program Operations (Stove Testing & Awareness Raising and Marketing)
  Day 3 -- User Training and Maintenance
Key Study Tour Insights

Click here to download a copy of this special edition PCIA Bulletin

PCIA Bulletin - 2010 Results Reporting Supplement

Each year we ask all PCIA Partners to submit results reports highlighting their activities throughout the previous year. This includes information about the countries in which Partners operate, their stove testing activities, the number and types of stoves sold, training and outreach efforts, financing options utilized to increase affordability to consumers, goals for the coming year and more. This special edition of the PCIA Bulletin highlights the results of PCIA Partners in 2010.

Introduction: The 2010 Results Story
    2010 Partner Results Highlights
    PCIA Experiences Phenomenal Growth
    Stove Testing Continues to Rise
    Importance of Stove Testing for Increased Sales
    Stove Standards as a Driving Force for Sales
    Innovative Approaches to Overcoming Barriers
    Multidimensional Outreach Increases Community Awareness and Improved Stove Acceptance
    Expanded Focus on End User Financing Options
    PCIA Partners Who Provide Services Other than Manufacturing/Selling Stoves
2011 Results Reporting
PCIA and Global Alliance Integration Update
Looking Towards the Future
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 29 - Charcoal and Briquettes

Our 29th issue focuses on the fuel side of the improved stoves equation, with an in depth discussion of charcoal and briquettes. It provides examples of the use of briquettes as a sustainable alternative to charcoal in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and provides insight into the future of charcoal stoves with inputs from leading stove testers and developers. Bulletin 29 also looks at the issue of sustainable charcoal production, and new research and development towards more efficient production methods and sustainable charcoal initiatives. We’d like to thank PCIA Partner Jean Kim Chaix, Director of The Charcoal Project, who served as our guest editor for this edition and provided support and guidance on Bulletin 29’s overall content.

Feature Articles
    Overview: Briquettes Compared to Traditional Fuels
    Partner Experience with Briquettes in:
      Africa (Kenya & Tanzania)
      Asia (Cambodia and Nepal)
      Latin America (Haiti)
Partner Spotlight The Charcoal Project
Conversations with Charcoal Stove Testers & Developers
    US Environmental Protection Agency
    Aprovecho Research Center
    Prakti Design Lab
Sustainable Charcoal Production and R&D
    Improving Traditional Charcoal Production
    Charcoal Production and Livelihoods in India
    Modernizing Production with Cogeneration
    Update on R&D from Colorado State University
Recent Partner Activity
Upcoming Events and Announcements
Charcoal Fact Box
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PCIA Bulletin Issue 28 - Biogas

This 28th issue of the PCIA Bulletin focuses on biogas, a fuel that is now widely promoted and used to decrease fuel wood use and improve indoor air quality for families around the world. In this Bulletin you’ll hear from programs with decades of experience promoting biogas stoves and fuel in Africa, Asia and Latin America at the household, community, national and regional levels. This Bulletin gives an overview of biogas basics and its added benefits, and provides strategies for partnership-building, education/training, and innovative solutions to financing.

Feature Articles:
Household Level Biogas
     - Biodigesters in Southwest China 
     - Mexico Biogas Program
Biogas for Institutional Users
     - Biogas for Ugandan Orphanage 
     - Commercial Plants in Pakistan Dairy Farms
National and Regional Approaches
     - Domestic Biogas Programs in Africa & Asia 
     - RedBioLAC in Latin America 
     - Energy for All Biogas Working Group in Asia
Recent Partner Activity
Upcoming Events and Announcements
Biogas Fact Box
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